Hire The Right DJ During For Your Wedding During 2020, 2021

At WEDDING DJS OF INDIANA, We Believe In Transparency

Part of being transparent is having DJ prices on our website for you to see. There is no question of what is or isn’t included.

You should look out for some things before you hire any Wedding DJ in Indiana, for that matter.

Are they upfront with their rates/pricing where their prices are published online? Or do you have to reach out to them to find out if they are even in your budget?

Are they pressuring you to sign a contract today by offering you a deal that is too good to be true?

Here is an example:

Let’s say they have you on the phone with a DJ company and they give you a sales pitch, this package is normally worth 1500.00… They will promise you the Sun and the Moon. The pressure is about to start. They will say if you send your deposit right now, we will take 500.00 off. You say let me discuss this with my fiance first. They will pressure you further by saying we will take 750.00, or something crazy like 1000 off if you sign up now, end of the day, or end of the week.

Here is the crazy thing if they are offering that much off, They never had a 1500.00 service, to begin with, this number they clearly made up. No one ever books them at 1500.00. If they charged 1500, they wouldn’t have happy customers.

Covid – 19 and Financial Responsibility

Covid – 19 has drastically impacted many Wedding Vendors in a bad way. Some are hurting financially, and they may have taken out massive loans they can’t payback. Some are on the verge of closing their doors for good.

The good news is at Wedding Djs of Indiana. Our business model keeps your money safe until after your wedding day. We don’t rely on tomorrow’s wedding gigs to pay our bills today; we keep every payment in special savings until your wedding day is complete.  We don’t pay our DJs ahead of time; we pay them after a successful wedding. Our business model has other Djs begging us to let them work for us! You may have talked to them already.

So what signs should you look out for that might show your DJ is in big financial trouble.

  • They only accept cash!
  • Huge additional “savings” if you pay in full when you sign your contract
  • Huge “give away bonus” if you pay in full when you sign your contract.
  • They are offering insane discounts off of their wedding packages. 30% or more off

Think about it, everyone buys things on the clearance rack, but usually, it is on clearance for a reason.

It might make sense to pay upfront if you were buying a used car getting a discount, but you are not leaving with a service today. Chances are your wedding is weeks, months, or years off still.  You may have talked with some vendors who say they are financially sound and keeping your money safe, but if they are engaging in any of these top 4 examples.  You should proceed at your own risk with extreme caution.

Wedding Djs of Indiana is different.

  1. We will NEVER ask you to pay in full when you book.
  2. We will NEVER demand payment in Cash only.
  3. We will NEVER offer crazy book now discounts.
  4. We WILL ask for a small deposit to hold your date.
  5. We WILL ask you to pay your remaining balance 3 weeks before your wedding date.
  6. We WANT you to pay online via pay pal goods and services. This actually protects you!
  7. Yes, you can pay with cash, money order, Facebook pay, Zelle, etc., if you have to. Please note: This would require special arrangements and is way outside of our norm. Many of these do not offer you the protections Pay Pal does!