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Fort Wayne Wedding DJs Kathy Bell

What is a Wedding? 

A wedding is a big party where two people get married. It’s a very special day, and lots of people come to celebrate with the bride and groom. But, weddings can also be a little bit boring for kids and even adults. That’s where a DJ comes in!

What a DJ does

A DJ is a person who plays music and helps people dance. They have a special equipment and software that plays all kinds of music, from slow songs to fast songs. When the DJ plays music, everyone can dance and have fun!

DJs Make Special Moments

The DJ can even play special songs for the bride and groom, like the first romantic song they danced to. This is called a “first dance.” Everyone can watch the bride and groom dance together, and it’s very romantic.

Keeping Everyone Involved

The DJ can also play songs that kids like to dance to, like the “YCMA”, or “Watch Me” or the “Chicken Dance.” Kids can dance and have fun with their friends, and they’ll remember it for a long time.

Sometimes, the DJ will ask the guests to do a special dance together. This is called a “line dance.” Everyone can follow along and dance together, which is a lot of fun.

Interactive Games

The DJ can also play games with the guests. They might have a dance contest or a game where you have to guess the name of a song. This gets everyone involved and makes the party even more fun.

The Mircophone

The DJ can help make important announcements, like when it’s time to eat or when the bride and groom are going to cut the cake. This helps everyone know what’s going on and when.

Party Lights

Sometimes, the DJ will bring special lights and decorations to make the dance floor look really cool. This is called “lighting effects.” The lights can change colors and move around, which is really fun to watch.

Making the Day Special 

The DJ is like a special guest at the wedding. They help make the party even more fun and exciting, and they make sure that everyone is having a good time. The DJ is very important! They’ll be the person playing music and making everyone dance. You can ask them to play your favorite song or ask them to possibly teach you a new dance. The DJ will help make the wedding a day to remember!

Written By: Kathy Bell